Open. Close. Tilt.

A single touch gives you complete control with Bali® Motorized Window Treatments.

Designed for Convenience. Engineered for Precision.

Bali® motorized blinds and shades offer you the ultimate in simplicity, safety and style. Whether from a handheld remote, wall switch or programmable timer, now you can take complete control of all of your home's window coverings from virtually any room and at any time.

Somfy Automation & Controls


  • Control multiple window coverings with a simple touch of a button and/or timer
  • Convenient operation of hard-to-reach and
    wide window coverings
  • Compatible with virtually all home
    automation systems
  • No costly hard-wiring required


  • Ideal for homes with children or pets; a safer alternative to accessible cords
  • Enjoy greater peace of mind while away by making your home look occupied


  • Cordless design results in a clean,
    uncluttered look
  • Smooth, quiet operation is perfect for family rooms, home theaters and bedrooms

It's easy to make your smart home even smarter!

Bali motorized window treatments are engineered to be compatible with most current and future home automation systems. Imagine adding more drama to "movie night" by setting your Bali blinds or shades to automatically tilt or lower while simultaneously dimming your lights. And when you're on the go, enjoy the convenience of raising or lowering your shades from your mobile device. Bali makes it easy to be smart!

Somfy Automation & Controls

New! ZRTSI II Home Automation Interface

  • Z-Wave to RTS Interface, the bridge controller for Z-Wave network automation systems
  • Controls up to 16 Channels
  • Simplified programming with backlit display
  • Conveniently plugs into wall outlet

It's easy to put together the right motorization package for your home!

Somfy Automation & Controls

Select your window covering

Depending on your choice in window coverings, the motorized blind or shade will operate in one of two ways:

Motorized lift raises and lowers the window treatments.
Available on:

Motorized tilt changes the angle of the slats or vanes, yet allows for manual raising or lowering of the entire blinds stack.
Available on:


Select your power source

Choose from a variety of power source options based on your window treatment location and electrical configuration.

12 Volt Battery Tube
  • Easy to install
  • No costly hard wiring or nearby electrical outlets needed
  • Tube available either filled or unfilled with batteries
12 Volt DC Plug In Transformer
  • Eliminates the need for batteries
  • Great choice for windows near electrical outlets
  • Available in white only
New! Solar Power Kit
  • Convenient and cost effective
  • Easy to install on either new or existing window coverings
  • Solar panel is thin and unobtrusive


Select your controller

Bali complements your lifestyle with a variety of ways to control your blinds or shades. While individual controllers are indeed available, a popular option is to utilize a single control to operate multiple window coverings.

Single Channel Remote Control or Wall Switch
  • Single Channel Remote Controls operate a single window covering or a group of blinds or shades at the same time
  • The Single Channel Wall Switch provides the same function as the single channel remote control, but with the convenience of a wall switch
Five Channel Remote Control or Wall Switch
  • Five Channel Remote Controls operate multiple blinds or shades independently, in a group setting, or as multiple groups
  • The Five Channel Wall Switch provides the same function as the Five Channel Remote Control, but with the convenience of a wall switch
  • Perfect for controlling multiple blinds and shades in a single room or in multiple rooms
New! Telis 1 Chronis Timer
  • Programmable timers automatically operate blinds or shades at the desired time of day or at different times each day
  • Easily program blinds and shades to operate at sunrise or sunset
  • Use the security mode to randomly operate your blinds or shades to make your home look occupied while you are away

Browse our video tutorials to help make your new Bali motorized blinds and shades fit your lifestyle.

Somfy Automation & Controls
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